We Do Investment Co ltd

WeDo is an global and local Investment Company recognized in Midlle east


In this Year 2016 we celebrate by become a global investor with new partners in Vitnam and UAE

Our Values

Make the customer the center of attention, and strive to go beyond customer expectations in terms of value and service, and building relationships with customers and maintain those relationships

We strive to achieve excellence in performance through the use of modern techniques and performance indicators in order to achieve better results

We seek to help our customers apply for their competitors.

We encourage teamwork among employees through mutual trust and respect between the company management and business units

Our Services

Construction and Building

Work in the field of contracting and Altchied facilities and urban India Se and the establishment of roads, bridges, bridges, dams, reservoirs and digging artesian wells and all engineering services and design of residential buildings and all types of buildings and works of Alqaulin

Trading and exporting medical equipments

Work in the field of import and sale of medical equipment, medical herbs, laboratory and pharmaceutical processing hospitals and health centers and medical whatever include health needs or ADO Yeh, import and sale of all requirements of the centers of infertility treatment and fertility and special education Palmschwia T., health centers and private clinics and centers of alternative medicine and the import and sale of materials etc. Ash this area and the import and export of drugs and various medical equipment, test equipment, medicine and surgery and treatment and automatic massage of similar instruments and tools, according to the controls

Saling the cars and ints Facilitiees

Work in the field of import and marketing and maintenance of cars of various kinds, including heavy machinery, tractors and trucks Alrckshatat and means of transport, small vans and limousines lease inside and outside Sudan

Work in the field of commercial agencies

Work in the field of commercial agencies

we do of the leading companies in the quality of the products, transactions and services offered by companies to their clients. Of particular significance elements for the company "quality assurance." To further confirm its commitment to the highest quality, the company has worked to develop and modernize its services; resulting in increased production and the company's expansion and the opening of a number of branches inside and outside Sudan

our projects